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Panasonic SDYR2550SXC BOX DAMAGED Bread Maker With Nut Dispenser In Stainless Steel

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  • ColourStainlees Steel
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Good Housekeeping Institute 2021

Introducing the NEW SD-YR2550SXC automatic breadmaker with a new sleek horizontal design that houses two new features that allow for creative and hassle-free baking from the comfort of your own home. With the new manual modes, you have the freedom to make your bread and cakes exactly how you like by entering the kneading and rising modes. Love the smell and taste of fresh bread. Struggle for time. Then look no further with the dedicated new Bread mix with Yeast mode, just add water for fresh and delicious bread. Even yet with the Yeast and Raisin/Nut dispenser you can enjoy the fully convenient baking experience. You can make bread in the simplest and most time saving way without failure, enabling you to spend more time quality time with you family.

Packed with a variety of 31 programs, automatically authentic fresh breads, cakes, doughs, jams, compotes and even range of gluten free treats with your choice of ingredients.


The horizontal design is optimised to take up minimal space on your kitchen worktop allowing more room for a working area. The sleek space saving design features a new flush lid reducing the overall height perfect for any kitchen.

Manual Setting Modes

Enjoy making a variety of bread and cake recipes at home with the manual time setting modes. You can set the time needed for cake kneading, bread kneading and fermentation and let the breadmaker do the troublesome dough making for you. There is no need to wait for ingredients such as butter to reach room temperature as it is heated during the mixing period and tiresome and time consuming kneading is also removed with. As less baking tools are needed there is an added bonus of less cleaning required.

Bread Mixes with Yeast

Easily bake bread by simply using a bread mix with yeast by just adding water and pressing button to start the specially designed programme. Bread baking has never been easier.

31 Automatic Programmes - 13 Bread, 4 Gluten Free, 7 Dough, 4 Sweet, 3 Manual

Packed with a selection of pre-set programs there are endless options for a variety of different loaves from White, to Wholemeal, Gluten Free and so much more. There is no need to worry about kneading, resting, rising and baking times the beadmaker automatically does it all for you. It doesn`t stop there with programmes for doughs, pasta, jam and chutney you are all set!

Yeast Dispenser

The intelligent yeast dispenser unique to the Panasonic breadmaker automatically adds the yeast to the baking pan at exactly the right moment during the mixing cycle, avoiding the yeast from touching any liquids and ensuring your bread rises as it should for that perfect loaf.

Raisin/Nut Dispenser

The automatic raisin/nut dispenser mixes additional ingredients such as nuts, seeds, olives, dried fruit, chopped cured meets and more at just the right time to help ensure they are evenly distributed throughout the loaf. They are placed in the tray in the lid and after the mixing stage they are incorporated into the dough at just the optimum time.

Gluten-Free Programmes

With the dedicated gluten free programmes you can enjoy a range of bread, cake, pizza and pasta dough from home. You can bake gluten free treats using a wide range of gluten free flours, these difficult to blend ingredients are kneaded just right thanks to the dedicated programs. Have control over ingredients to ensure the well being of you and your family.

Double sensors

The breadmaker is equipped with two sensors which gauge both the room temperature and internal temperature of the breadmaker. The program adjusts and controls the timing for the perfect dough fermentation ensuring the dough rises and rests consistently every time regardless of the region or climate to achieve the ideal bread. E.g. higher Temperature: Shorter Rising Time – Lower Temperature: Longer Rising Time.

Jam & Compote Programmes

The Panasonic breadmakers does more than just bake. With the Jam & Compote mode you are spoilt for choice when creating your own homemade jams, you can add the perfect accompaniment to your delicious bread that are easier and tastier than ever.

Diamond Fluoro-Coated breadpan and kneading blade

No more sticky pans-the surface of the bread pan and blade are covered with diamond particles which are twice as tough and scratchproof when compared to conventional pans to avoid stains and make it easier when removing bread.
Accessories Included
Diamond Fluoro-Coated breadpan and kneading blade
Cable length (m)
H36.2 x W39.5 x D25.2 cm
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
Maximum Loaf Size
Model name / number
Number of Programs/Settings
31 Automatic Programmes - 13 Bread, 4 Gluten Free, 7 Dough, 4 Sweet, 3 Manual
More Information
Manufacturer Panasonic
Colour Stainlees Steel
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Panasonic SDYR2550SXC BOX DAMAGED Bread Maker With Nut Dispenser In Stainless Steel
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Panasonic SDYR2550SXC BOX DAMAGED Bread Maker With Nut Dispenser In Stainless Steel

Now £189.99 Was £279.99 Save £90.00